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Fostering dialogue about sexual orientation and gender identity.

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The Inclusive Community Coalition:

April, 2007 – After attempting to plan a one-day workshop on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender matters, it became clear that the topic was so large and the issues so numerous that ongoing focus on this subject was necessary. It was proposed that community organizations could sponsor events that focused on sexual orientation and gender identity, and the idea of a coalition of organizations and individuals was born. This coalition was especially appealing as it was likely to bring more of the community together around the issue of sexual orientation and gender identity.

June, 2007 – Community organizations and churches were then contacted about joining the ICC, and the first ICC event, “Remember who made you” was presented. Members of the ICC collaborated on the development of the name, the mission, the vision and the goals.

Ongoing – The ICC continues to partner with individuals and organizations to present events in the community. It also continues to seek membership of community organizations, churches and individuals.